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Hi Aspirants,

How far is your GRE Test Preparation? I have inscribed this Article to make you clear about the Doubts related to GRE and I also added some fruitful tips related to GRE.

5 Tips for your Effective Test Preparation:

Start early and Stick to the Basics

Learn and Retain the GRE Words daily

Don’t skip the Topics

Take dedicated Online GRE Practice Test

Learn and Reap everyday 

What is right time to apply Spring or Fall so that chances of getting admission and scholarship is high?

First and foremost point to be noticed is that scholarships don’t depend completely on first come first serve basis, though it makes some chances of getting scholarships if you apply early in that University. For availing this benefit you should start applying at least 8 to 10 months before the session starts. Since, the Universities start their shortlisting process well in advance specially top universities, so you need to be very sure of when to apply to grab that small bit of chance possible. And for all this you need to give GRE exam at least 12 to 14 months before you are planning to go to university abroad.

How many backlogs are accepted in American universities?

If you do have backlogs, don’t worry. The universities in the US are far more forgiving than here about such applications PROVIDED you don’t have any backlogs at the time of admission. You need to be a graduate by the time you apply so ensure you don’t have any pending backlogs. History of arrears is not considered strongly however it will have an effect when your overall CGPA is converted to their system.

A good GRE score, a convincing SOP and strong LORs can surely persuade the admission officers to look past your GPA. Your SOP could infact talk about the reasons for why you had backlogs and elaborate on how you overcame such a challenge. Admission officers love an inspirational story! Make sure you definitely mention how you are focused on achieving your purpose and how the being admitted into their program can help you achieve your dreams.

What is the GRE score for getting in top 5 universities for an MBA?

There is a need of high GRE score but to say how much, is a difficult task, as it varies from individual to individual. you can get top 5 universities in 320 also if your profile is good and there are chances too that you won’t get any top university at 325. So GRE score is a must but with that your profile, SOP and LOR matters a lot. Work experience again plays a vital role in getting you a good admit. So, if you are preparing now then aim for a good GRE score but simultaneously build your profile too. Try getting a good amount of experience in the field you aspire to do MBA. Combining, this all helps a lot to reach your dream university.

I pursued my BA economics…is masters in business analytics a good option for me? I have no job experience?

Yes, business analytics is a good option to go for. Since, you have economics background you will be able to grasp things in your masters much quickly and easily. In fact, you can also look for other programs which are related to the economics background people. Now taking into the consideration your job experience part, so for that you should have some experience if you are targeting top universities abroad or else you can try to achieve high GRE score to somewhat balance that out. Also, your projects which you would have undertaken in your bachelors will play a vital role to get you a good admit.

What should be the proportion of LORs = professors/ senior leaders in industry?

An ideal combination of LORs would be both from professors you have worked under or interacted with closely as well as employers. It is not necessary that your LOR has to come from the head of the department. It could be any professor in your department who can vouch for your capabilities. As far as your employer goes, the higher the position it comes from the better it looks in your application. It is also extremely positive if your LOR comes from someone who has already pursued an education from the US and has a degree from a university there.

The LOR must also cite examples of the skills it claims you have rather than a generic letter. Avoid getting a template for your LOR.

So, if you are a student, you might consider getting 2 LORs from professors at college and one from your employer.

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