What is React Native? and Why React Native is Important?

Why React Native is Important?

Here, we will discuss why developers choose React Native for app development.

What is React Native?

It is an open-source mobile application development framework that allows for the creation of multi-platform Android and iOS apps with native UI elements. It is built with the JavaScriptCore runtime and the Babel transformers. Join FITA Academy‘s React Native Course in Chennai to get immense training with the help of industry experts.

It was established in 2013 as a Facebook internal project. Its first public preview was released in January 2015 at the Reactjs Conference, and in March 2015, Facebook made the framework open and available on GitHub.

Why React Native is Important?

Community-Driven Framework:

It was looking for a mobile solution that combined the benefits of mobile app development with the power and agility of the native environment. It is supported and continuously moved forward by the development community. 

Code Reusability:

It allows the users to reuse the same code for Android and iOS application development. It is less cost-effective and saves the users time. It makes the app development process easier and quicker.

According to recent calculations, approximately 90% of the code can be reused between Android and iOS. It is prudent to factor in some extra time for practical modifications.

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Live Reload:

It is the mobile equivalent of React. It allows users to create powerful mobile applications. The live reload feature lets users immediately see the result of the most recent change you made to the code. It provides more effective features compared to other native frameworks. This feature also helps to find the latest changes.

Strong Performance for Mobile Environments:

Its architecture is well-suited for any mobile device. It employs the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), whereas native platforms rely on the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Compared to hybrid technologies, which were previously the only option for cross-platform development.

Modular Architecture:

The intuitive and modular interface makes it very simple for other developers to dive into and build on someone’s project. It increases the flexibility of a development team and makes it easier to create web application updates and upgrades. Moreover, testers will spend less time understanding programming logic and developing appropriate testing scenarios.


As we have discussed, Why React Native is Important. This framework is getting more popular in recent days. So, to have a profound understanding of React native, you can join React Native Course in Bangalore and equip yourself with the aid of its benefits, functions and features.

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