Types of Banks in India and their Services

Bank Exam Coaching Centres In Chennai

The banks are the primary part of finance and economy in one country. Banks provide authorize to get the deposit and build loans.  The banks are as well supply in financial working like wealth organization, rupees replacement and secure deposit for people. Basically two type of banks available.

Profitable or commercial /sell banks and venture banks. Now many of the nation’s banks are ruled by the general government or central bank. This reason behind banking sectors recruiting many employees every year and banks are conducting exams via selecting the candidates. So, today students are finding best Bank Exam Coaching Centers in Chennai, SBI PO Exam Coaching In Chennai and IBPS PO Exam Coaching Classes In Chennai. Let’s see list of services provides in banks

Services in banks:

Commercial banks are divided into many types:

The commercial banks are Scheduled banks, public sector banks, private sector banks, foreign banks and no scheduled commercial banks.

The profitable banks or retail banks are generally offering with running withdrawals and get loans at the same time they provide immediate loans to people and little industries.

Customers mainly employ these banks for general inspection, saving financial records, cash deposits, and house mortgages.

Main roles of commercial banks:

Permanent time deposit,

Present account deposit,

Returning deposit,

Saving account deposit,

Tax safe deposits,

Deposits for Non-Resident Indian (NRI’s)

Provide cash:

The commercial bank’s next role is to provide loans and advances thus get interest from customers. This service is the primary resource of profits for the banks.

Overdraft ability:

The customer to permit the withdrawal higher than what the customer has deposited.

Money acclaim:

Ability to withdraw some amount of cash is providing more secure.

Below the list of commercial banks in India:

SBI connect banks:

  1. State bank of India,
  2. State bank of Bikaner & Jaipur,
  3. State bank of Hyderabad,
  4. State bank of Indore,
  5. State bank of Mysore,
  6. State bank of Patiala,
  7. State bank of Travancore,

Some other commercial banks:

  1. Axis banks,
  2. Bank of Rajasthan,

Today banking sector provides secure job to the employees so, this fact about many of the Indian graduates to decide their career in banking sector. The banking criteria are not so difficult and its requirements are one graduation course must complete for students, good communication skills and basic computer knowledge from the students. However, the bank exam is such difficult thing, so students join one best SBI Clerk Exam Coaching Centre Chennai. The coaching centers offer the study materials, shortcut methods and exams tips to the students. bank exams provide more confidence to the students.