Top 5 Types Of Steel Bars That Are Good For Large Building

Types of steel bars

Steel Bars are the bone of the buildings and it is the main thing to make the large building looks in the correct structure. The Steel Dealers in Chennai supply these steel bars to the people who need for their building construction. There are 5 types of steel bars to construct a large building with a quality and worthy model.

The Top  5 Types of Steel Bars : 

  1. Hot Rolled Deformed Bars
  2. Cold Rolled Steel Bars
  3. Mild Steel Bars
  4. Twisted Steel Bar
  5. Welded Steel Wire

Hot Rolled Deformed Bars :

 The TMT Bars are the hot rolled deformed bar. This steel bars are supplied by SAIL TMT Bar companies. The TMT bars stands for thermo mechanically treated bars. In the RCC (Reinforced Concrete Structure) SAIL TMT Bars are commonly used for their superior tensile strength. The Ribs in the TMT bar provide a strong bond with the cement concrete. This Hot Rolled Deformed Bars tensile strength of 64000 psi (PSI – Strength of Concrete is measured in pounds per square inch)

Cold Rolled Steel Bars :

Cold rolled steel bars are very similar to the hot rolled deformed bar but it has low quality and it is bendable. These steel bars are used in low tolerance buildings. These Cold Rolled Steel bars have tensile strength upto 60000 psi.

Mild Steel Bars : 

Mild steel bars are also known as MS Steel bars. There are MS chequered plate  that make the basement strong. The Mild steel bars do not have ribs like other steel bars. The tensile strength is up to 40000 psi.  This steel bar comes with a plain surface and looks simple. The MS steel bars are not well bonded with the concrete and it is used for small projects.

Twisted Steel Bar : 

These twisted steel bars are comprised of different wires, almost 7 wires spun together into a strand. It carries tensile strength up to 270000 psi. These are mainly used on braces of scaffolds for pre-stressing Reinforced Cement Concrete. These Twisted Steel bars tensile strength is high and  makes it conceivable.

Welded Steel Wire : 

Welded steel wire carried medium tensile strength. These are used for partitions, fencing etc. These available in different diameters and the strength is higher than mild steel bars, which is why it is widely accepted for particular segments in construction for better efficiency.

The Best quality TMT Bars are helpful in constructing a strong building with accurate structure. Hence this article helps to know the types and uses of Top 5 types of steel bars.