Some Of The Main Causes Of Depression

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Depression is a well-known health issue as many people suffer from it regularly. This disease will cause when a person suffers from severe problems to maintain a normal healthy life. So, certain people undergo Online Counseling for depression due to the characteristics they have like mood changes, lack of desire to live, and pessimism. 

Main Causes Of Depression:

Value Of Genetics:

Genetics weighs heavy when it is talked about diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. But, depression is also a part of the list. If one of the family members whether they are close or not has suffered from this disease, there are about 30% of possibilities at one point in their life that he/she suffers from it. The closer a member of a depressed family is, the greater is the chance of suffering from the disease.

Everything Is About Psychology:

Unlike psychiatrists, psychologists focus on the solution to mental disorders through medications because often they are psychological factors that cause the disease. It is obvious that depression does not always have a psychological section and that medications may not always be the solution. But, there’s always a choice to consider if people suffer from depression.

Personal Problems:

When a person suffers from depression, the first thing that is thought of is that something is happening in the life that causes this disorder. The personal issues can be harassment, divorce, and other disorders such as bipolarity. Although this disorder can occur at any age, adolescents between 35 and 45 are more probable to suffer. Moreover, it can be even a professional problem which is where Workplace Counselling plays a major role. 

Certain Medications:

Some drugs such as interferon-alpha, isotretinoin, and corticosteroids can increase the risk of depression. 


Depression in someone who has biological destructibility to it may result from personal disputes or conflicts with friends or family members. 

Loss Or Death:

Grief or sadness after the loss or death of a loved one through natural can increase the risk of depression.

Thus, the Top psychiatrist in chennai has given a clear picture of all the above main causes of depression so that the victims become aware and keep themselves healthy.