Mistakes one should avoid in UPSC Exam Preparation

The aspirants are getting qualify to serve the country if the score of the candidate is more than cutoff mark. No matter how hard you work for the civil service examination you should have a right approach and basic planning to get success in IAS exam. Some of the common mistakes which the aspirants have done during the preparation lead them to fails in the civil service examination. In this article, the candidates get the awareness of the common mistakes which they should avoid when preparing for the IAS exam.

Consulting many books

There are a plethora of study materials available in the market to prepare for Civil service examination. You can have books for the individual topic as well as for the entire syllabus. Some of the students thought that choosing multiple books for one topic will enhance the knowledge. But the real fact is that most of the student getting confused about referring too many books.  The candidates are advised to choose the one quality study material and avoid focusing on various things.

Spending a lot of time in reading a newspaper

Undoubtedly a newspaper plays a crucial role when preparing for UPSC examination. A huge portion of general studies papers in the preliminary examination is directly related to current affairs. It is a good habit if the aspirant studies newspaper on a daily basis. In some cases, the student spends more than an hour to read the detailed news and read every topic in a newspaper. It is not that much important to do more effort on reading the newspaper.  Best IAS Coaching in Chennai guide the student how smartly study the newspaper for the exam.

No Revision or Writing Practice

Without doing a proper revision you don’t know how clearly you understand the topic. Writing practice is another important thing to evaluate your performance. IAS Coaching centres in Chennai helps the student to make their revision effectively by conducting the mock test. It not only helps to know your score it also helps to know the mistakes you should avoid in a civil service examination.

Choosing the Optional

Choosing the optional subject for UPSC is a crucial thing where the aspirants do common mistakes. You should know the subject which you have a significant knowledge. You should choose the optional subject which you familiar with.

There are the common mistakes you need to avoid to improve your chances.