Guidelines for IIT Interview (M.Tech admission)

Cracking the GATE exam, however difficult it may seem, is only a baby step towards getting a seat in the Indian Institute of Technology for M.Tech. Many students join the GATE coaching in Chennai not only to qualify in this highly competitive exam but also to perform well at the IIT interview round.

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In this article, I am going to share a few tips for your Interview at IIT.

First of all, go through your Gate syllabus once again. You would have got the top score in the GATE written exam, however, that doesn’t mean your preparation is over. You cannot put away your books and rejoice.

Rather you need to be more prepared to face the interview. You could be asked questions from the difficult portions of the GATE exam syllabus aswell and mostly the questions are application based one.

The interviewer may ask a lot of analytical questions to test your mental ability. You will have a very little time to think and would be under pressure with the interviewing team looking at you for a response. Therefore, you need to practice analytical questions. As a result, this will help you think sooner & answer to them appropriately.

Similarly, make use of the short notes you prepared for the GATE exam. You need to utilize this for your revision of concepts.

It is said read-make an impression. IIT will do a background check before admitting you. You must also follow the same. Try to find who the interviewers are. Do their background check, have a look at their pictures. This will definitely boost your confidence level for the interview.

There is a high chance that you will be asked for your area of specialization, in such case you must have something prepared already. Make sure that you are almost thorough with or master a particular topic. Study the toughest area of the subject as the interview panel may have experts belonging to the field of your choice.

Some of your questions will be asked from the maths domain, so make sure you brush up your mathematical skill.

Likewise, remember to have crisp answers to the questions.

Dress up formally for the interview with your dress ironed neatly.

Finally, while answering the questions, have eye contact with the interview panel. To have control over your nervousness, speak slowly.

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