Hydroponics – the current trend in the field of agriculture

Hydroponics is the current trend in the field of agriculture which has made a great revolution in the agricultural field. It is new to our farmers as it is totally different from our ancient and normal farming. From ancient times, our farmers cultivated plants in soil, used many natural and artificial manures, water and waited for a long time to get yield from it. As time passed agriculture is getting vanished because of some climatic changes and mainly of soil infertility and water scarcity. Hydroponics is totally opposite to this type of farming as in hydroponics method of farming, plants are grown in water and soil is not used here. The water requires for hydroponics farming system is also only one-tenth of the water needed for normal cultivation. Hydroponics has made the farmers happy and satisfied as it gives high yield and profit in only less time when compared to regular agriculture.

Commercial hydroponics farming is practiced in many parts of the world as there is great demand for hydroponics food items as they are both natural and healthy. It is scientifically proved that the fruits and vegetables cultivated in hydroponics farming method is rich in proteins and other nutrients than the food materials produced from other farming methods. Hydroponics is a great space saver as it can be done in very small spaces of one’s house. It is also a valuable stress relief method which relaxes the mind and gives freshness during farming. It doesn’t need large men power. It can be done by a single person or a couple. But the main thing is that they should be aware of the pros and cons of hydroponics farming.

Future farms is one of the organization in India which practices large-scale hydroponics farming. It has taken the initial step for establishing hydroponics farming in Tamil Nadu. Its branches are located in many places of Chennai in Tamil Nadu and they give perfect demonstrations and guide ships for the Tamil farmers who are interested in farming and hydroponics.

Hydroponics in Gurgaon, hydroponics farming in Hyderabad and Bangalore are also reaching its success as the agricultural institutes and many other research centers of these cities are taking necessary steps like awareness programmes, workshops and training programmes for students and farmers who can take hydroponics farming system to the next level.