GRE Online Practice Test

GRE Verbal Practice Test

“Frequent Practice makes an Aspirant Perfect”. Am I right? This adage perfectly suits the Verbal section of the GRE Test. As GRE Verbal is difficult section of GRE, One should take adequate GRE Practice Test. Taking GRE Practice Test and Mastering 1000s of words is not A Complete thing. One should firmly spend time in Verbal, Practice the Words in Real life as well and you should posses the Good Skills to score high in GRE Test.

Skills to crack GRE Verbal:

(1) Locate the clues in an incomplete sentence of Sentence Completion section

(2) Draw the right inferences about what is not narrated by the Author in the Given Passage

It is good to be Confident with 2000+ GRE words. One needs to be aware of  the Context of the Words and their Synonyms. This will help you to Answer the Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion Sections of GRE. WordBot designed by  GREedge  helps develop the GRE Vocabulary skills.

Find the below Suggestions regarding GRE:

  • How much does a good GRE score matter for an admit and funding?

    The correlation between GRE score and good admit is not very clearly understood or explained. There’s no hard and fast number which you must score in order to receive admits from top universities. There are GRE aspirants who get into good universities with an above average to decent GRE score, while some suffer to get top admits despite a high GRE score. The thing is top universities do look out for your academic profile, along with your research experience and extra/co-curricular tasks while considering you for scholarships and other financial aid options but a high GRE score can make up for the past academic shortcomings. Since there is no fixed consensus on how much you should score, so to be on the safe side, it is suggested you score 320 and above in case you’re aiming for Top to good universities. Pro tip: Do look into the GRE score criteria before you apply to an University, so that setting the target score and achieving it would be relatively easier.
  • Should our work experience be always related to the same kind of programs we are applying for?

    “Work experience affecting admit chances”, is probably the most frequently asked questions by GRE aspirants. Well, the answer is if you have work experience related to your area of interest, it can prove to be a boon for you. However you should understand that it is not compulsory or mandatory to have work experience. It is the kind of situations where it acts as an add on. If you have work experience, sure put it on your CV. It will certainly add more weightage to your profile. It would be better if you have work experience in the field which you’re applying to. Those who are applying for jobs leaning more on R&D, some work experience in R&D background would be better.
  • I am 1st year Btech guy so how should I start my GRE preparation?Start with words. Vocabulary in GRE is something that requires frequent revision. All you have to give is just 0.5 hour of your time, like a memory game. Simultaneously you can start reading standard novels, newspapers and magazines as a foundation to build upon.

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