Convert Excel to Mobile App

Convert Excel to Mobile app

The Data entry is one of the leading companies in India to provide complete domain oriented services. This data entry service involve processing number of data through outsourced companies.

The data entry is one main element of overall data entry process services. It is done in different types of formats. The output of excel file can be .xls, .doc, .pdf and .htm.

So it’s important for every companies to maintain clear database like contact details, employee, profit and loss. Now it’s time march forward by taking data entry process to mobile app. So there is huge demand on how to make android app to convert excel to android app. At last developer found the mobile app for excel files. By creating app we can use validation, formulas, data formatting, font color and cell color. You have to just upload excel sheet and the app will do the rest.

Once the excel file is uploaded the grid shows all cell in excel file. By selecting a cell you can enter the data as the input. Next you have to select cell for displaying your outputs. So these are the simple step convert excel file to an android application.

The first step you have to do is to upload an .xls file from your computer. This app support all excel files and mathematical formula. This mobile app support dynamic dependent list of boxes. It also support styles like color, fonts, background color, which are directly exported from excel file so that the mobile app quickly customize the screen. You can also change Java script and CSS file. These feature makes the app more special.

Important features are listed below

This mobile app convert Xlsx file to mobile application

You can define input and output cell

You can use formulae like Vlookup, hlookup & index etc.

Formatting and validation are applied in mobile application

You can change the style like font color and background color.

You can share in social media sites

This app works offline

This app runs in Android, Windows and IOS phone.

Phone, Tablets and PC will support this app.

You can share in social media sites. There are so many easy mobile application development tools to make mobile app. This app has almost all features covered.  In near feature all data entry companies will start using this mobile application.

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