Free GRE Practice Test

When Aspirants take a GRE Practice Test, they have the Clear Idea that which part they need to concentrate on. Some students may identify that they need to put effort on their Analytical skills, as well as GRE Word List. Other students may realize that they need to concentrate on their Quant skills.Free GRE Practice Test

Our Student Coordinators assist students to improve on any section of the GRE. We provide aspirants with different approaches to solve math problem in Quant section. In addition to this, we guide students, how to look for Key elements in the given Passage of AWA section. In the same way, we provide Guidance throughout the GRE Test Preparation, Test Strategies, GRE Study Guide and Free GRE Practice Test Online.

Here, we have Published Our Students’ FAQs and Professionals’ Guidance.

Internships matters or not?

Yes! Internships matter. It gives you an edge over the others while universities shortlist candidates. The process which universities hold to shortlist candidates has these internships as one criteria too. Internships gives you an edge in a way that you are applying for some masters degree and have prior knowledge in that, so that you can very deep learning while pursuing masters in that field. Next, just doing internship doesn’t guarantee an admit, you should have very vast interest and knowledge in that subject. And if your internships are good, then it helps in getting scholarships too, which is a great benefit for the one who is aspiring to study abroad.

Do college professors LOR work for this?

It is always recommended to get LoRs from your college professors, especially those you have worked under. It is important that these LoRs talk about your valuable contributions to the project. They must also mention your specific personality traits, leadership skills, hard work and initiative. The LoRs are testaments to the capabilities you claim to have in your SoP.

It is also good for your admission profile if you have two LoRs from your college and one from your employer. If you do not have work experience, ensure that you get one from your employer at your internships.

The ideal number would be three LoRs to send with a convincing SoP that states clearly why you want to pursue this particular course in the university.

Also ensure to modify your SoP depending on your course and target university.

How much gre score is needed for phd engineering scholarship in scandinavian country??

Hi, Scandinavian countries consist of countries in Northen Europe. These consist of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Some of the prestigious universities in the Scandinavian countries include- Lund University,Uppsala University, Technical University of Denmark among the several others. Most universities have their specific requirements for their programs. Hence, the GRE score requirements generally vary. Lund University has specified that it requires at least 240 credit. The university also specifies that it requires a minimum of 60 credits at the Master’s level. So, the requirements vary with universities in general. So check the application requirements before you apply.

Is it good to go for Business Analytics without any work experience???

Generally, while applying to any universities abroad, it is always recommended that you have work experience to make a strong admission profile. While it is not mandatory, it is definitely a significant advantage over the competition. However, it is paramount that you have RELEVANT work experience i.e in the field of business analytics. Getting practical first-hand experience will also help you to understand what skill sets you should focus on developing. You can use this knowledge to choose electives in your Masters as well.

However, if it is not feasible or appealing to work, then consider doing short term courses on data analytics. You can find many certified courses online that you can add to your admission profile. This will give you a taste of what you can expect ahead at your university and give you a jump start on over others.

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